• Martin Elsner

Event poster for a vinyl market in Vienna

Fresno is a very modern and geometric non serif font that has a bit of a futuristic touch to it. This font is perfect for a poster because its very bold and you can read it very good from far away. For this font i came up with a vinyl market in my hometown Vienna. The big letters with another layer of letters in blue behind them are the eyecatcher of this poster and definitly the first thing you will see and read. Over and under the headline of the poster you can find the additional infos you need for the event in the exact same font.

For the rest of the poster i designed a collage in photoshop that should remind the viewer of a fleamarket. In addition i added two times 3 colorfull stripes to give the whole layout a bit of direction and also a bounder. The colors i used are bright and they should also be an eyecatcher.

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