• Martin Elsner

How to build a canvas...

This blogpost is about one of my articles in the magazine I produced. The whole article is about how to build a framed canvas. At first i had to take pictures about the whole process in my studio and documenting every step that has to be done.

The next step was layouting the opener page of the article to get the reader hooked and interessted to keep on reading. A big headline and a picture that is not revealing to much is the best way to do that.

The focus on the the next pages is to explain the process with pictures and text. Thats why I divided the process into different steps to give the reader a better structure. The text next to it is discribing what you need for this step and which actions you have to do. The layout stays the same through the different steps exept for switching sides of the text to avoid that the pictures get mixed up.

The last page of the article shows the final product and a little closing text.

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